Our Vision

“Expending Horizon of Knowledge and Learning by Disseminating Information to the End User”

Central Library



Associate Prof.



Associate Prof.

Miss.Kanchan Damade


Associate Prof.

Shri. Baburao Hivrade


Head Clark

Dr. M.D.Warade



Shri. Badgujar N.J.

Library Attendant

Shri. Badgujar M.J

Library Attendant

About Library

“Library played a vital role in collection development and dissemination of academic information to meet the present & future needs of Students communities of college.
The Library was established in 1986 with 70 books. & 6 Periodicals At present the library has 15,475 Printed books ( the library has 6673 title of books) 250 bound volumes, and 2710 Reference books . And 40 Periodicals.The Library is Computerized & automation of library processes is done with the help of Master Computer, Nagpur. The Library have hard copy Ph.D. Thesis of our Staff Member. There is a open access system for the Teachers & research Students The Central Library& the reading room remain open 8am to 3pm on all working days. including vacations”.

Library Rule

  1. Books will issued only on presentation of I-Card.
  2. For receiving the identity card a student to required to submit admission receipt.
  3. Duplicate card will be issued only on permission of Principal & on payment of Rs.20/-
  4. Books will issued to students from Monday to Saturday as per her/his Class wise Time table between 8am to 3pm.
  5. The O.P.A.C ( Campus access) Services is available for Library Student to search for the books by Title, Author, Subject wise.
  6. Books available in the reading room shall not be taken outside of the reading room. Penalty for such infringement is Rs.50/-.
  7. In case any book is lost, the borrower will have to replace the book with a new book and in case the book is not available, he/she will have to remit an amount equal to twice of price of the books.
  8. Periodicals, journals and magazines are issued to the students for reading room usage. They cannot be taken home. Penalty for not returning the periodicals on the same day attracts a punishment of Rs.50/-.
  9. While borrowing the books it is the responsibility of the students to check the condition of the book and not to accept books with torn/lost pages. While returning the book, in case it is found torn, then the appropriate penalty is levied on the student.
  10. 10 returning the book, in case it is found torn, then the appropriate penalty is levied on the student While borrowing the books it is the responsibility of the students to check the condition of the book and not to accept books with torn/lost While.
  11. At the time of clearance of library account, identity car/admission receipt is to pages. be produced.

Library Service

  1. Leading Service
  2. Periodicals Service
  3. References Service
  4. New Paper Service
  5. OPAC Service
  6. Internet Services

Categories Of Membership

The following classes of persons shall be entitled to become a member of the College Library.

  1. All Students of the college
  2. Teaching And Non Teaching staff of College
  3. Teaching And Non Teaching staff of Sister Institution

After Taking Deposit

  1. Alumni of the college
  2. Citizen of Bodwad Taluka
  3. Research Scholars registered for Ph.D and M.Phil. in NMU, Jalgaon

Library Advisory Committee

The library plays a vital role in the academic growth of the students and the teachers. Library is the soul of the College. We have formed a Library Advisory Committee comprising the following members:

  1. Prof.Dr. Arvind Chaudhri : Principal
  2. Dr. M.S.Karate : Chairman
  3. Prof. M.D. Warade : Librarian
  4. Dr. S.S..Kathoke : Member
  5. Miss. Kanchan Damade : Member
  6. Shri. Baburao Hivrade : Member
  7. Shri. N.J. Badgujar : Library attendant
  8. Shri. M.J. Badgujar : Library attendant
  9. Dr. M.D.Warade : Secretary

We include two students elected on Students Council to represent student community; one is from the girls another is from the boys. The committee holds its periodical meetings and looks after the overall working of the Library. The major responsibilities of the Library Advisory Committee are as follows: Day to day smooth working of the Library and reading room.

  1. Demand and supply of the books at both levels-the student and the faculty.
  2. Purchase of text books, references, dictionaries, encyclopedia, etc.
  3. Subscribing periodicals, journals, news papers, magazines, etc.
  4. Purchase of essential furniture, like book-shelves, tables, chairs, etc.
  5. To run Book Bank Scheme and augmenting the number of beneficiaries year by year.
  6. Purchase and maintenance of audio-visuals, teaching aids, ICT facilities, maps, charts, etc.
  7. To undertake the programmes like Books-Exhibition.
  8. To circulate the books to the teachers of the sister institute and some of the citizens of the town.
  9. The last but not the least to make efforts to develop the reading habits of the faculties and the students and to supply the books to alumni as per their requirement.

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